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Solid State Hi-Fi

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Solid State Hi-Fi

I worked on ideas with an open mind to see where these ideas would take me without consequence. It would all begin on my instrument. I discovered familiarity with melodic segments augmenting into rhythmic tapestry. Establishing a myriad of beats with each composition I started adding melodic hooks and motifs blended into segments. In the end I used electronics to create soundscapes and fused environments. Included are 2 songs complementing a tangible place within the album.


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Enigma $1.69 Add to cart
Syncmatic $1.69 Add to cart
Taj $1.69 Add to cart
Destiny $1.69 Add to cart
Resolution $1.69 Add to cart
Rain $1.69 Add to cart
Don't lift your eyes to the sun $1.69 Add to cart
Syncmatic 2 $1.69 Add to cart
Pre Text [Piano] $1.69 Add to cart
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